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Pure Meditation, Advance Registration only

New times and changing lifestyles require personal focus and connection. In response to the pandemic, we are offering a 30 minute meditation class to help you mindfully address tension and anxiety. This class is for everyone, prior experience with meditation is not required. This class will use breathwork, guided imaging, and posture to facilitate meditation and self awareness. Meditation allows us to discharge tension thru the practice of breathwork and awareness. During this time it is instinctively normal to check out and disassociate from our self center and we become uncomfortable and tense in response. Meditation is a great tool to help us become of aware for how we are processing and to address responses before they spiral out of control. We hope that the power of community and connecting to meditate online can bring us release and calm. Please register at least 12 hours in advance of the meditation class time. We do not offer drop in for our meditation classes. Thank you.